You can spend endless hours at the casino, trying to make bad money with good, and losing more and more as you get more desperate. You can’t let it happen to you, right? It might happen to you that you only occasionally play poker or put a few dollars in a slot machine. It is possible to draw a fine line between compulsive gambling and social gambling. However, nobody who develops compulsive gambling ever imagines that it will happen.

Every year, millions of gamble. Gambling is everywhere, whether it’s at Las Vegas’s slots or at your local track. Gambling is becoming more accepted and easier to integrate into your daily life, with more on line gambling opening all across the country every day.

Gambling is a harmless pastime for most people. It is only done recreationally. For a few, however, the occasional gambling experience can lead to a dangerous addictive. It is expected that 3 percent of Americans will experience some form of gambling addiction at one point or another. This could lead to desperation, crime, suicide, and broken family.

Compulsive gambling is dangerous and can lead to serious health problems. Because gambling addicts are at double the divorce risk, there is a high chance of breaking families. If they can’t care for their children properly, those with children could lose them to ex-wives or husbands.

Gambling addicts, desperate for more money to gamble at the casino to get the next high, are more likely than others to lose their jobs. They are unable to function properly during the day and make excuses to leave to go to the casinos. They might even take a chance and steal their job.

Gambling addicts who are in debt will sell their possessions to make more money to pay for their addiction. Compulsive gamblers can often lose their home because they are unable to pay regular bills or mortgage payments.

Compulsive gambling can be dangerous and have serious consequences for the addicts. Compulsive gambling should be treated as the serious addiction it is.

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